Belgian Association for Wood Protection


How to apply for a homologation

There are two documents that explain the procedure to apply for the homologation of a product:

  • The technical file, which describes the performance the product must provide for each approval code that you apply for.
  • The administrative file, with homologation regulations and forms to be completed on the product's characteristics and performance.

The processing of an application is carried out within BAWP in a strictly confidential manner.



Approved products


Homologation of a product

To achieve its objectives, BAWP grants homologation to a wood preservative product on the basis of a technical dossier submitted by the producer or his representative.

Procedure for homologation

The procedure that allows a wood preservation product to enter the market with a technical approval (ATG) consists of three successive steps.


BAWP provides the homologation of wood preservatives so that they can be used in a safe and controlled way in construction and industry.
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